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    Start Writing Every Day

It's no secret that writing three pages a day, every day is best ways to get yourself past the dreaded Writer's Block.

    Easier said than done

It isn't so easy to write if you are feeling blocked, or don't know what to write about.

    Daily Writing Prompts now offers the Daily Writing Spark newsletter, which is delivered to your mailbox daily, with it's own dose of writing inspiration.

Every day you will receive a creative writing prompt to help get you on the path to daily writing. Every day, the writing prompts will take on one of seven different formats:

Story Idea

From space aliens, to bizarre-o real-life characters, these story ideas allow you to set your imagination free.

First Line

Start your story from our first line, and keep going from there.

Build Character

The most important part of any story, is the characters that populate it. These prompts will help you to better understand the characters you are already working on.

He Said, She Said

Need help polishing your dialogue? These prompts are designed to help you create sharper, more interesting dialogue.

Feeling Conflicted?

Great conflict is the heart of a great story. Without conflict your characters become flat and uninteresting. This prompt will help you discover new and interesting scenarios of conflict.

Bonus Benefits

Writing Spark Contest

In order to motivate writers to work towards a daily writing goal of three pages a day, offers a special bonus to paid members of the Daily Writing Spark newsletter. Each member may enter up to three entries in the bi-monthly monthly Writing Prompt Contest. This $15 value is totally free to all active members of the paid subscription newsletter.

Visit the Writing Prompt Contest page for current contest details.

More Writing Contest Discounts

Paid members of the Daily Writing Spark newsletter also receive a $5 discount on all current writing contests, including the Fiction Contest, the Poetry Contest, and the Midnight Hour Halloween Fiction Contest. This discount is available for every contest, as long as the subscriber remains a paid member in good standing.

Annual Membership Bonus

For a limited time, members signing up for the annual membership, will receive a FREE Book Bag. To receive the bag, sign up for the annual membership below, and make sure your address/delivery information is included in your Pay Pal information. An email aknowledging receipt of payment, and delivery of the bag will be sent to you.


Notes from Our Readers

I have to tell you that since I have been using your prompts, not only has the lack of motivation fled, but I have been exceptionally prolific, after an exceptionally long dry spell (due to recovering from surgery, deaths in the family, etc.). But, I thank you so much for your dedication to the newsletter. You’re doing a great job!

--Katie H.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your "Writing Sparks" newsletter, and particularly for the prompts included every time. They have single-handedly restarted my short fiction writing, which has been on hiatus for more or less a year or so. In fact, starting my short stories again also gave me a bunch of ideas for non-fiction.

In short: I feel like life has meaning again, all thanks to you. I am very grateful.

--Catherine B.

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Sample Issue

Sample Daily Writing Spark Issue

Build Character

Invent a monster. Stick him in the closet of one of your character's bedrooms, and write about what that character does when they start to suspect they have a monster is in their closet. Do they hide under the covers, challenge the monster, make friends with it?

Members of the Daily Writing Spark newsletter may enter the up to three entries in the Writing Prompt Contest free of charge, regularly a $15 value.
Visit the Writing Prompt Contest page for more details.


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