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First Chapter Excerpts by New Authors

If you're looking for great new voices, think of as the clarifying shampoo of the literary world. We clear away the "same old story" gunky build up and introduce you to some great new authors. Read through our latest first chapter excerpts, all from books written by new and emerging authors. Pick up a new book this week, and maybe you'll even find yourself a new favorite author.

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April 2016

Relationships And Other Stuff (True Stories From Women), Natasha Brooks

Relationships And Other Stuff (True Stories From Women)

Natasha Brooks
Motivation / Self Help

This book takes a look at the secret place in a woman's heart and soul that has helped to shape her into the woman that she has become. Each section...
Dereliction of Duty, Jon Renaud

Dereliction of Duty

Jon Renaud
Supernatural Thriller

After a failed assassination attempt on the U.S. Secretary of Defense, by a radical Islamic Cleric in Baghdad, U.S. Senators demand revenge. But...
Open House, Fran Silver

Open House

Fran Silver

Attractive female Realtors sit at Sunday open-houses, excited and hopeful of prospective buyers stopping-by. Unsuspecting, the lurking danger of...

Witness at Hawks Nest, Dwight Harshbarger

Witness at Hawks Nest

Dwight Harshbarger
Historical Fiction

1930 Union Carbide's construction of Hawks Nest (WV) hydroelectric tunnel. Hundreds of workers soon die from acute silicosis and are secretly buried...
The Zambinos of Blue Hill: The Proving, Will Azeperak

The Zambinos of Blue Hill: The Proving

Will Azeperak
Science Fiction

The Zambinos live in Blue Hill, Maine in 2063. Three brothers build a spacecraft and upon entering Earth orbit they are quickly taken away by a...
A New Earth And A New Universe, Rodney Bartlett

A New Earth And A New Universe

Rodney Bartlett

This book's based on scientific facts and theories which, woven into a philosophy using Einstein's quote that "Imagination is more important than...

The Dog Men, Patricia Crandall

The Dog Men

Patricia Crandall
Action / Adventure

Ten-year-old Wyatt and eleven-year-old Hannah uncover the dark world of illegal dog fights when they trespass at a Vermont farm and peep through a...
Enduring Prophesy, Joe Vojt

Enduring Prophesy

Joe Vojt
Science Fiction

Around 1880, two diverse culture groups divided and would slide past each other. The Triskalon people cherished the night as day while the unaffected...
Accidental Heroes, Accidental Villians, Ed Chung

Accidental Heroes, Accidental Villians

Ed Chung
Historical Fiction

Accidental Heroes, Accidental Villains traces five generations of a Chinese family, from the mid-1800s to the present, and portrays the family\'s...

ITP: Future Hope, David Gelber

ITP: Future Hope

David Gelber

ITP:Future Hope is a novel that speculates on the future of man, where science and technology dominate and God has been forgotten. It follows the...
Samuel Owens: The Pig Boy, Edward Duranty

Samuel Owens: The Pig Boy

Edward Duranty
General Fiction

Samuel Owens had the misfortune of being born with the facial semblance of a pig. He was gawked at, made fun of and tormented. Faced with aggression...
In All Things, James J. Jackson

In All Things

James J. Jackson
Motivation / Self Help

A compiliation of short stories (one or two pages each) Deals with life issues from a moral standpoint. humorous, serious and thought-provoking, the...

The Painter From Shanghai, Jennifer Cody Epstein

The Painter From Shanghai

Jennifer Cody Epstein
Historical Fiction

Down the muddy waters of the Yangtze River and into the seedy backrooms of "The Hall of Eternal Splendor," through the raucous glamour of prewar...
No Justice, Darcia Helle

No Justice

Darcia Helle

Michael Sykora is not your typical hit man. He's righting the wrongs, balancing the scales. Because he knows all too well what happens when the bad...
Appointment with Death, David Dundas

Appointment with Death

David Dundas

The killer, Silas will have you cheering for the next kill. As he taunts, toils and teases the local Federal authorities, the body count will get...

Reasons, Tracy Fabre


Tracy Fabre
Romantic Suspense

Delphi's ready to vacation with family friends when her parents confess that the driver of the car that nearly killed her long ago was one of the...
Commercial Break, Keith Harmeyer

Commercial Break

Keith Harmeyer

Adam Glassman is a burned out ad guy who gives new meaning to the word "creativity" when he thinks up what might be the biggest idea of his career -...
Don't Mess With Earth, Cliff Ball

Don't Mess With Earth

Cliff Ball
Science Fiction

Earth gets pulled into an interstellar war without their knowledge until the 20th century when Earth has the technology to pay back both...

Goodbye, Kiev, Thomas C. Almond

Goodbye, Kiev

Thomas C. Almond
Contemporary Romance

An American man and Ukrainian woman meet, fall in love and are engaged. But after a time things mysteriously change. The answer to this mystery will...
Peter Carrot-Top -- In Search of the 8th Key, Yolanda Jackson

Peter Carrot-Top -- In Search of the 8th Key

Yolanda Jackson
Children's Picture Book

In Search of the 8th Key is the first in a series of Peter Carrot-Top fantasy novels for children that takes its readers into the land of Baja, where...
Noelle's Ark, Audrey Levy

Noelle's Ark

Audrey Levy
Motivation / Self Help

Jimmy Splendor was an atheist. When he woke up in Heaven, he didn't believe he was dead, and he certainly didn't believe he was in Heaven. Greeted by...

Wish You Were Here, Lani Diane Rich

Wish You Were Here

Lani Diane Rich
Contemporary Romance

Freya Daly is all business, all the time, and she’s this close to heading her father’s Boston real estate business when he retires. She only has...
The Ride, Jane Kennedy Sutton

The Ride

Jane Kennedy Sutton
Contemporary Romance

A funny, poignant adventure of a 40-something woman taken on the ride of her...
Evan's Castle, Tracy Fabre

Evan's Castle

Tracy Fabre

Rachel Kane, after leaving home and family to flee the aftermath of a bad relationship, ends up working closely with brilliant scientist, Evan...

Sifting Through Secrets, Elizabeth Hawn

Sifting Through Secrets

Elizabeth Hawn

Ida Mae and Claudia, neighbors in a retirement community, untangle the secrets surrounding two murders in their small North Carolina town, one in the...
The Organ Grinder and the Monkey, Sam Moffie

The Organ Grinder and the Monkey

Sam Moffie
General Fiction

Seymour Petrillo, Constance Powers and Irving Hanhart , three protagonists' from vastly different backgrounds intimately share a very public secret...
Pirate Queen: The Curse, R. Allen Downey

Pirate Queen: The Curse

R. Allen Downey

Uniquely based on an actual female pirate who dominated the China Sea during the 1920s and 30s until her sudden disappearance, Pirate Queen: The...

Dark Side Hospital, Charles Clark

Dark Side Hospital

Charles Clark
Medical Thriller

Dr. Noah Spencer retires from retires from private practice and assumes a position of medical director of a hospital system. He uncovers shocking...
The African American King, William Jennings

The African American King

William Jennings
Religion & Spirituality

The African American King addresses social and spiritual unforgiveness that continues to permeate the heritage of African Americans since slavery,...
Slash, Jason Jones


Jason Jones

Billy Mann was one of the most sadistic, violent, intelligent, and insane serial killers of our time. His reign of terror lasted for years and the...

Kwatee, R. Allen Downey


R. Allen Downey

In Kwatee, author R. Allen Downey creates a haunted world on the high seas that is as wicked as it is entertaining. Readers who enjoy...
Edge! A Leadership Story, Bea Fields, Corey Blake, Eva Silva Travers

Edge! A Leadership Story

Bea Fields, Corey Blake, Eva Silva Travers
Narrative Non-Fiction

Edge! is a narrative non-fiction that will sharpen your management vision and cut right to the heart of your toughest leadership challenges. Each...
Calbraith, K.A. Liedel


K.A. Liedel
Historical Fiction

The tragic tale of Britannia's last Celtic king, whose life becomes embroiled with war, love, and the treachery of Roman politics....

Fulfillment, Barbara K. Yohnka


Barbara K. Yohnka
Contemporary Romance

Kate McDermott has decisions to make: Stick with teaching and remarry her ex-husband or go to Las Vegas to restart her family's business. Kate...
What's Wrong With Mormons?, Jay Gladwell

What's Wrong With Mormons?

Jay Gladwell
Religion & Spirituality

Whats Wrong With Mormons? was written as a consequence of the misinformation perpetuated about Mormons. The author invites the reader to come and...
Fun and Games with Math, Ouida Simmons

Fun and Games with Math

Ouida Simmons

This book is an idea starter for teachers and parents. All of these activities in the book have been used successfully in the authors own classroom....

The Vagabonds' Bordello, G.P. Marcello

The Vagabonds' Bordello

G.P. Marcello
General Fiction

Focusing on what remains untouched and what cant easily change, the fifteen short stories of this book most serve as shortcuts of daily life. At...
Coming On Like Gangbusters, P.L. Rice

Coming On Like Gangbusters

P.L. Rice

Sloan Slone is a reluctant detective in 1940 Clarksburg, West Virginia. She, with the help of her friend Cage, unravel the mystery about what...
Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace, Catherine Johnson

Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace

Catherine Johnson
General Fiction

Inspired by a true story, SHADES OF DARKNESS, SHADES OF GRACE is the compelling saga of the Pierson family whose wealth and prominence cannot stay...

The Dark Druids, Tim Newman

The Dark Druids

Tim Newman
Historical Fantasy

From the author of YESTERDAYS FALCON, comes a rich new adventure set against the backdrop of medieval Wales. When Torrance, Gawains ten year old...
WILFRED: The Devil's Disciple, Edward T. Duranty

WILFRED: The Devil's Disciple

Edward T. Duranty

Wilfred is born to a prostitute in a shanty town on Lake Red, Minnesota. He is possessed with evil powers and starts using them at a very young age....
I Can Fly, But Only at Night, Tristan Moorhen

I Can Fly, But Only at Night

Tristan Moorhen
Spiritual Fiction

I CAN FLY BUT ONLY AT NIGHT is an inspiring story about the survival of "Alex". What makes it very different is that certain elements are left out...

Murder, Madness & Love, Yolanda Renee

Murder, Madness & Love

Yolanda Renee

After a gritty Anchorage Detective, Steven Quaid, becomes involved with a beautiful widow, Sarah Phalmer, suspected of murder; slander and obsession...
I Can Tap Dance, Sarah Ulmer

I Can Tap Dance

Sarah Ulmer

Have you ever been so fed up with parts of your life you wish you could take a sledgehammer and start over?

Dusting off the ashes of her...
Timely Persuasion, Jacob LaCivita

Timely Persuasion

Jacob LaCivita
Time Travel

A struggling music critic goes back in time on a quest to save his sister from the relationship that ended her life. But is her husband Nelson...

Trapped, Judy Spurr


Judy Spurr
Young Adult

TRAPPED will appeal to young readers who have struggled in school or had to deal with bullying. In an often humorous way, the main characters learn...
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Broom: Memoirs, Stories, and Poems, Barbara Shine (editor)

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Broom: Memoirs, Stories, and Poems

Barbara Shine (editor)
Short Stories

This unusual collection offers 52 short works by 11 remarkable everyday women. Writings are grouped into chapters about childhood, family histories,...
Out of Time, Cliff Ball

Out of Time

Cliff Ball
Science Fiction

The US government clones a famous scientist and he invents time travel so the government can change history. Nothing goes...

The Shaman and the Rose, Bill Haynes

The Shaman and the Rose

Bill Haynes

After 2000 years of imprisonment, Satan has been freed. Whose side will he join when the horsemen arrive with the Armageddon? One angel, an elf and...
Writing as a Small Business, Nash Black

Writing as a Small Business

Nash Black
Business & Money

Writing as a Small Business is the perfect guide to help writers navigate the world of creative self-employment. This volume provides an overview of...
If I Were an Eagle: Book 2, D.L. Hale

If I Were an Eagle: Book 2

D.L. Hale
Romantic Suspense

It's 1969 and life or death in Vietnam, but half way around the world, an elderly man is dying. Haunted by his past, he needs to find his heir. He...

If I Were an Eagle: Book 1, D.L. Hale

If I Were an Eagle: Book 1

D.L. Hale
Romantic Suspense

It's 1947 in Tennessee Moonshine stills, bootleggers dot the landscape. Karen Quincy, young and naive, struggles with her beauty and desires soon...
Tainted Hero, Michael Davis

Tainted Hero

Michael Davis

As a decorated Army Ranger, Eric Emerson is honor bound to defend the helpless, and trained to survive against a ruthless enemy, yet these skills...
Some Glad Morning, Irene Steele

Some Glad Morning

Irene Steele
Historical Fiction

Mildred Johnson is orphaned when her parents are killed in a protest for voting rights in the South. Her Aunt Rose flees with her to a Chicago...

The Demon Inside: The Zone War, Book 1, Terry Cloutier

The Demon Inside: The Zone War, Book 1

Terry Cloutier

Everyone needs an escape from reality occasionally, but for Edward Fox, the fantasy world he created as a child just might end up destroying him as...
Spirit Box, Michael Mordenga

Spirit Box

Michael Mordenga
Science Fiction

No one can breathe on the icy planet of Taros-Avros, but that didnt stop colonization. The solution: make spider children companions that assist...
Too Much, Linda Taylor West

Too Much

Linda Taylor West
Children's Picture Book

Luke likes food a little too much. He wants to eat everything. When will he stop? Join Luke on this rhyming adventure as he learns the importance of...

Sexiest Man Alive, Diana Holquist

Sexiest Man Alive

Diana Holquist
Contemporary Romance

Jasmine Burns has always wanted to know the name of her one true love. Her sister Amy is a gypsy psychic who can read the name of a person's true...
Feel Happy Now, Michael Neill

Feel Happy Now

Michael Neill
Self Help/New Age

In his bestseller YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master trainer Michael Neill revealed the practical benefits of...
Riding a Stallion: Igniting the Fire, Robert P. Theiss

Riding a Stallion: Igniting the Fire

Robert P. Theiss
Self Help/New Age

In his first book, Robert Theiss openly shares his spiritual journey which led him to develop a conscious relationship with the Family of Archangel...

Mysterious Secret (After Death), Sabije Dervishi Veseli

Mysterious Secret (After Death)

Sabije Dervishi Veseli

MYSTERIOUS SECRET is about a young girls soul that carrying a mysterious secret. This tragic story occurs via a diary , where everything that this...
Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?, Sabije Dervishi Veseli

Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?

Sabije Dervishi Veseli

WHY DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH ME? is a unique love story, about a spiritual path one can take that will help them find happiness, written with an...
Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy, Bettye Johnson

Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy

Bettye Johnson
Historical Fiction

The lineage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus has long been disputed, and now comes a novel based on research that holds the reader's attention with...

Under the Liberty Oak, Paige Mercer Cummings

Under the Liberty Oak

Paige Mercer Cummings

A taut fast-paced mystery which adroitly shifts between the tumultuous events of the summer of 1964 and the present life of concert pianist Brittan...
Paraworld Zero, Matthew Peterson

Paraworld Zero

Matthew Peterson

Twelve-year-old earthling, Simon Kent, stumbles upon a secret that thrusts him into a bizarre adventure filled with magic, technology and deadly...
Midori By Moonlight, Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Midori By Moonlight

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga
Contemporary Fiction

Fresh-from-Japan Midori Saito gets lost in translation in San Francisco as she searches for her American dream and the perfect...

No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You, Louise Lewis

No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You

Louise Lewis

The author narrates the true story of her four-year journey of following messages received from Spirit... messages that led her to a new life of...
Searchable Whereabouts, Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Searchable Whereabouts

Tinisha Nicole Johnson

SEARCHABLE WHEREABOUTS is the story of Rahkel Williams whos trying to unravel the mysterious murder of her beloved uncle, however after finding...
Dr. Zastro's Sanitarium: For the Ailments of Women, Ludmilla Bollow

Dr. Zastro's Sanitarium: For the Ailments of Women

Ludmilla Bollow
General Fiction

This beautifully written novel explores the joys and sorrows of passion during the 1880's. Fiercely independent Yana, a Gypsy artist, is led to Dr....

The Seraphs, M.W. Briggs

The Seraphs

M.W. Briggs
Science Fiction

THE SERAPHS is a compilation of time travel, alternate realities, parallel universes and alien beings. Were their multiple universes created...
Tales of Tara, Lily Sparkletoon

Tales of Tara

Lily Sparkletoon
Science Fiction

Imagine a post apocalyptic world where only a few dare fight for freedom and of those who would put their lives in dangers in order to...
Make Me a Match, Diana Holquist

Make Me a Match

Diana Holquist
Contemporary Romance

Pick out wedding dress and ignore psychic sister who says I'm marrying the wrong guy.

Really ignore her when she says the right guy is...

The Dowry Bride, Shobhan Bantwal

The Dowry Bride

Shobhan Bantwal
Contemporary Romance

Megha is sick with horror when she realizes that her husband and his mother are plotting to kill her because her family has not paid her promised...
We Care About Golf, Thomas E. Warner

We Care About Golf

Thomas E. Warner
General Fiction

WE CARE ABOUT GOLF is a sequel to Mr. Warners first novel; he has increased his characters by bringing in several real life people who become...
Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland, Dave Jeffers

Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland

Dave Jeffers
Christianity & Politics

One of the immediate results of the 2004 General Election in the United States was the notion of Jesusland. This came about from the exit polls...

Neitherworld Book One Akiiwan, Scott Baker

Neitherworld Book One Akiiwan

Scott Baker
Science Fiction

An extraterrestrial culture makes an urgent appeal to a powerful 17th century Ojibwe clan shaman during his vision quest on a remote northern...
Drive, Rob Roberge


Rob Roberge
General Fiction

In DRIVE, Rob Roberge brings together an eclectic group of characters bound by the Sarasota Sun, a minor league basketball team in the newly formed...
Family Acts, Louise Shaffer

Family Acts

Louise Shaffer
Contemporary Romance

Louise Shaffer follows her beloved novels The Three Miss Margarets and The Ladies of Garrison Gardens with an unforgettable tale of poignancy, wit,...

The Mansfield Lighthouse Cats, Charlotte Barnes

The Mansfield Lighthouse Cats

Charlotte Barnes

The book is a collection of poetry covering everything from love and loneliness to genetic testing and football! There's something for...
Real Solutions to Children's Health, Anne Arsenault

Real Solutions to Children's Health

Anne Arsenault
Health, Fitness & Beauty

Real Solutions to Children's Health, is designed for busy parents who want health for their children. My book goes into healthier eating, drinking,...
Of Doggerel and the Dean, Patrick ODonnell

Of Doggerel and the Dean

Patrick ODonnell

Private investigator Phil Oxnard is called in to investigate a rash of robberies at Garwood College. Soon thievery, poetic clues, and murder combine...

Tinna's Promise, Miranda Mayer

Tinna's Promise

Miranda Mayer

Aside from being forced to resolve such minor issues like figuring out why legions of dragons are destroying human cities, how to stop the...
Max and the Gatekeeper, James Todd Cochrane

Max and the Gatekeeper

James Todd Cochrane
Young Adult

A war has been waging for centuries; a magical and technological battle between good and evil. This conflict will affect life everywhere, but not...
Passing For Who You Really Are, A.D. Powell

Passing For Who You Really Are

A.D. Powell
Social Criticism

Passing For Who You Really Are: Twelve Essays in Support of Multiracial Whiteness is a manifesto condemning mainstream or liberal American...

As I Tarry Along Life's Road, Jerusalmi Streete

As I Tarry Along Life's Road

Jerusalmi Streete

As I Tarry Along Life's Road is a collection of contemporary poems, which reflects various circumstances and situations one may experience had...
One Is Fun, Leona DeRosa Bodie

One Is Fun

Leona DeRosa Bodie
Children's Picture Book

One Is Fun follows a one-year-old as he enjoys the magic of daily activities until he finally says goodnight. The rhyming text makes it a great...
77 Urban Street, Annie Grant

77 Urban Street

Annie Grant
Biography / Memoir

You Think Youve Got Bad Neighbors?

When Annie and Pete moved into their new apartment, the thrill of finally being out on their own was...

Catchers in the Sky, Mission: Korea, Jonathan Damien

Catchers in the Sky, Mission: Korea

Jonathan Damien
Military Thriller

A revolutionary airborne weapons system barely off the drawing board. A diverse and divided crew from the Air Force Research Lab. As a reunification...
The Ezekiel Code, Gary Val Tenuta

The Ezekiel Code

Gary Val Tenuta

Zeke Banyon, a Catholic seminary dropout, runs a homeless shelter in the old waterfront district of Seattle. He and his assistant, Angela, happen to...
Your Writing Coach, Jurgen Wolff

Your Writing Coach

Jurgen Wolff
Writing Reference

More than just a how-to guide, YOUR WRITING COACH is a friendly coach and mentor, providing all the strategies needed to become a full-time writer...

Of Ghosts and Magic, Alfred M. Albers

Of Ghosts and Magic

Alfred M. Albers

"In 1973, Alex Holloman got a job as a courier and met a wonderful lady. Suddenly, his world fell apart; his parents were killed and he inexplicably...
The Fortune Quilt, Lani Diane Rich

The Fortune Quilt

Lani Diane Rich
Contemporary Romance

Carly McKay's life is going just fine until she produces a television piece on psychic quilt maker Brandywine Seaver and receives a quilt with an...
Devils in the Sugar Shop, Timothy Schaffert

Devils in the Sugar Shop

Timothy Schaffert
General Fiction

A failed erotic novelist; a hostess of prim sex-toy parties; an artist and a bookshop owner pursued by a demented if harmless stalker; wives, lovers,...

Zeera, Mary Dombach


Mary Dombach
Science Fiction

Zeera is one of a dozen nubile young Argerians rocketed to Earth on a single-purpose mission: get pregnant and bring home Human genes to fortify...
Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel, James Edwards

Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel

James Edwards
Contemporary Romance

Juliet's beloved Romeo dies for their love as does she. He chases her through time and awakens in this age on a Volcano in Hawai'i, where he meets a...
Victory Song, Jeri Doner

Victory Song

Jeri Doner
Christian Fiction

The United States is a country at war. Andy Richardson sees enlistment as an opportunity to get away from the farm life he so desperately...

The Balkan Secret Conspiracy, Barbara Shenouda

The Balkan Secret Conspiracy

Barbara Shenouda

For years, Canadian novelist Zlata Pierce remembered the horrible day when her Croatian family died at the hands of Hitlers SS during World War II....
Foot Ways, Lynn Veach Sadler

Foot Ways

Lynn Veach Sadler
General Fiction

Lynn Veach Sadler weaves this coming of age tale with old wives' tales and a twist of menace to deliver a stunning, thoughtful story of youth and...
Partially Human, Dwayne G. Anderson

Partially Human

Dwayne G. Anderson
General Fiction

When a teenager from Los Angeles discovers that he is not entirely human, he becomes a social outcast, and must depend on those who have not turned...

Just a Season, John Wills

Just a Season

John Wills
Historical Fiction

JUST A SEASON by new author, John T. Wills is a luminous story into the life of a man who in the midst of loss and pain journeys back in time to...
In the Wash: The Rona Shively Stories, Rebecca Benston

In the Wash: The Rona Shively Stories

Rebecca Benston

Rona Shively has seen a lot of things in her day, but nothing like the case brought to her by Gilbert Delvecchio. He is looking for his ex-wife, and...
Men Cry Too: Poems & Prose, Wayne L. Misner

Men Cry Too: Poems & Prose

Wayne L. Misner

The poems help make sense of how people hold onto the thrills and memories of love, as they lose their loved ones. Many men hide pain inside, fearing...

Jadwiga's Crossing, Richard J. Lutz, Aloysius A. Lutz

Jadwiga's Crossing

Richard J. Lutz, Aloysius A. Lutz
Historical Fiction

What kind of heroine did it take to build Twentieth-Century America? The people who built upon the American dream after the Civil War were immigrants...
Yesterday's Falcon, Tim Newman

Yesterday's Falcon

Tim Newman
Historical Fantasy

YESTERDAYS FALCON opens when Gawain, knight of Arthur's Round Table, collapses at the portals of an isolated castle in the midst of a terrible...
Flashes of Life, Jerry Dickens

Flashes of Life

Jerry Dickens
Short Stories

Flashes of Life is a collection of eleven short stories. Though mostly fiction, many of my stories are from actual events or real characters. The...

These Are Our Stories, Paul Alleyne, Emma Alleyne

These Are Our Stories

Paul Alleyne, Emma Alleyne
General Fiction

These Are Our Stories represents a compilation: a collection of poems, images, and two short storiesall developed over a period of twenty-five years...
Dreamin' Dreams, B. Gerad O'Brien

Dreamin' Dreams

B. Gerad O'Brien
Short Stories

A collection of short Irish stories that take you from humour to romance, from sad to sinister, from downright scary to laugh out loud....
Nobody Knows Me, Haydn

Nobody Knows Me

Biography / Memoir

A chameleon, a liar, a bitch, a slut, a fag, King of Sleaze, Virgin Queen, a manipulator, a control freak, a demon, a curse.a boy!


Silent People: Hearing the Call of the Dodder, Yvonne Jerrold

Silent People: Hearing the Call of the Dodder

Yvonne Jerrold
General Fiction

Silent People: Hearing the Call of the Dodder is about the silent people who wander among us looking lost, as if they dont quite belong, but dont...
Swap, Sam Moffie


Sam Moffie
General Fiction

This hilarious novel explores Sheldon's desire to change his home life-and what happens when he does. His choices set in motion consequences that are...
Beach People, Judi Blaze

Beach People

Judi Blaze
General Fiction

A combination of mystery, suspense and romance, Beach People takes place on the Oregon coast where fishermen, loggers and artists make up the sum of...

Qualifying Laps: A Brewster County Novel, Nash Black

Qualifying Laps: A Brewster County Novel

Nash Black

Brewster County: Farm for sale, complete with brand new barn, old Corvette, and one dead body. It was a hot and humid afternoon when ex-race car...
Write Your Self Well... Journal Your Self to Health, Ina Albert, Zoe Keithley

Write Your Self Well... Journal Your Self to Health

Ina Albert, Zoe Keithley

"Medical research demonstrates that when you write about what you feel, you feel better! This unique journal relieves feelings of being trapped by...
Jim's Bahamas Adventure: Small Boats vs. the Devil's Triangle, Stephen L. Blain

Jim's Bahamas Adventure: Small Boats vs. the Devil's Triangle

Stephen L. Blain

This is the story of Jim Spades humorous adventures and misadventures with eleven co-workers from an automobile plant in Michigan. They took a...

Newport, Edward T. Duranty


Edward T. Duranty

The time period centers around the late 1950's when Newport was home to a large Naval presence. It is adult reading, involving Navy sailors, Newport...
Information Systems 101: A Business Owner's Guide for Staying Afloat, C. Oakes Templeman

Information Systems 101: A Business Owner's Guide for Staying Afloat

C. Oakes Templeman
Business & Money

Designed specifically to empower and educate business owners and organizational leaders, Templeman presents a comprehensive, easy-to-follow,...
The Every Day Living Of Children & Teens Monologues, Adra Young

The Every Day Living Of Children & Teens Monologues

Adra Young
Biography / Memoir

The Every Day Living Of Children & Teens Monologues is a collection of 51 actual events that have taken place in the lives of children and teenagers....

Sarah's Brass Token, Ciara Gold

Sarah's Brass Token

Ciara Gold
Historical Western Romance

When a lone woman tries to raise a child alone in 1874, she discovers inner strength through the eyes of a man struggling with his own private...
The Rest is Illusion, Eric Arvin

The Rest is Illusion

Eric Arvin
Gay & Lesbian

A coming of age story with a supernatural bent, set on the campus of Verona College. The story centers on five students whose lives are further...
Tales of Brother Goose, Brett Nicholas Moore

Tales of Brother Goose

Brett Nicholas Moore
General Fiction

Mother Goose wrote tales and nursery rhymes which captivated generation after generation. Her stories are still read by millions in the modern day....

Cold Case, Christopher Ash

Cold Case

Christopher Ash
Science Fiction

When an arsonist arrives in Spartika City, both the police and Sean Hubbard, the costumed crime fighter known as PulseWave, find their hands full...
Of Ice and Steel, D. Clayton Meadows

Of Ice and Steel

D. Clayton Meadows
Military Fiction

It is autumn 1944. A German U-boat carries out a secret mission. Her course is north. She must make daring and dangerous passage into the Arctic ice....
Return to Me, Fran Silver

Return to Me

Fran Silver
Contemporary Romance

A relationship between Franklin and a younger Meredith when fate intervenes......for the second time in Franklin's life having lost his lovely wife...

The Apron Book, EllynAnne Geisel

The Apron Book

EllynAnne Geisel
Arts / Photography

THE APRON BOOK provides full-color photos of new and vintage aprons from the author's collection, patterns for four basic apron styles and myriad...
Split Indecision, Pierre Bateau

Split Indecision

Pierre Bateau

Jacob Livingston is a young man with problems. After losing his parents to a brutal murder, he finds out he has an illegitimate half-sister,...
Tomorrow They Will Kiss, Eduardo Santiago

Tomorrow They Will Kiss

Eduardo Santiago
General Fiction

Like her native Cuba, Graciela Altamira is beautiful, defiant, passionate, and constantly threatened with some kind of trouble.

Far from...

Psychedelic Six, Paul Spock

Psychedelic Six

Paul Spock

Psychedelic Six is the story of Sylvester Wright, an insecure and immature young man at the threshold between adolescence and adulthood. In an effort...
small acts of sex and electricity, Lise Haines

small acts of sex and electricity

Lise Haines
General Fiction

Beauty and privilege, a charming, handsome husband and two promising young daughters, money, a beach house on the PacificJane has everything that...
In the Whirlwind, Tichaona M. Chinyelu

In the Whirlwind

Tichaona M. Chinyelu

Join me as I weave words about the death of California and the path from Stevie to Sankara. Dig into the roots of Rwanda and explore the price of...

Love's Reparations, Jackie Young

Love's Reparations

Jackie Young

If Love showed up bearing an IOU, what would you do? This is the underlying question and lesson tucked poetically inside the pages of this debut...
Master Spies and Muzzy Spooks, Dan Speers

Master Spies and Muzzy Spooks

Dan Speers

In exactly five days, a terrorist bomb will explode beneath the White House. With intelligence agents mired in an orgy of illegal databases,...
My Life is all I Have, V. Anthony Rivers

My Life is all I Have

V. Anthony Rivers
Biography / Memoir

Leesha Tyler is about to commit robbery when memories from her past start to consume her. Leesha looks back on her life and remembers the chaotic...

Lincoln in the Basement, Jerry Cowling

Lincoln in the Basement

Jerry Cowling
Historical Fiction

Political intrigue fueled by arrogance and a lust for power propel a Civil War Nightmare in which the Lincolns are captive in the White House...
Gailia; Healing From Grief, Toni Johnson

Gailia; Healing From Grief

Toni Johnson
Children's Picture Book

Gailia, a little fairy child who lives in a perfect world, has her world shattered after the death of a beloved friend. She must face her fear of...
Defeated: Book One of Darkness Among the Stars, S.D. McKee

Defeated: Book One of Darkness Among the Stars

S.D. McKee
Science Fiction

The year is 2271. Jonathon Quinn, decorated war hero and captain of the flagship ICS Intimidator, has been ordered to oversee Operation Giant Leap,...

Climb Every Obstacle, Anita Jefferson

Climb Every Obstacle

Anita Jefferson

Turn an obstacle into an opportunity in one page. Climb Every Obstacle contains 101 everyday obstacles that we all must confront at one time or...
Trilogy 104: It Must Be Love, Rebecca Ruger

Trilogy 104: It Must Be Love

Rebecca Ruger
Historical Romance

Three short historical romance stories showing that some men will go to great lengths to get what they...
Against a Crimson Sky, James Conroyd Martin

Against a Crimson Sky

James Conroyd Martin
Historical Fiction

A sweeping epic, AGAINST A CRIMSON SKY is an unforgettable tale of love, secrets, valor, and the enduring strength of the human spirit, set against...

The Devil Comes to Larkspur, Carol S. Neumann

The Devil Comes to Larkspur

Carol S. Neumann

The people of Larkspur have always enjoyed the simple pleasures that are associated with small town living. Cora Archer, Jim Turner and Henry Banks,...
Men are all Murderers and Women are all Whores: A Satire, Justin Zaza

Men are all Murderers and Women are all Whores: A Satire

Justin Zaza
General Fiction

Men are all Murderers and Women are all Whores is a satire of a fictitious society that stereotypes violence for manliness, and deception for...
Dropped! A Condition - Not A Character Flaw, Gee Jae Arnold

Dropped! A Condition - Not A Character Flaw

Gee Jae Arnold
Biography / Memoir

Life is a journey that will take us from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and back again in an instant. One minute we could feel as though we...

The Endless Evolving Trilogy - A Poem Cycle, Hudson Owen

The Endless Evolving Trilogy - A Poem Cycle

Hudson Owen

THE ENDLES EVOLVING TRILOGY is a collection of related poems, a generational mythology written over more than a quarter century. It contains...
Weekends, Lindy Hudis


Lindy Hudis
Romantic Suspense

An innocent-sounding family reunion at an exclusive California beach resort turns into a weekend of murder, deceit, exposed secrets and unexpected...
A Thin Line, Suzannah Safi

A Thin Line

Suzannah Safi
Contemporary Romance

Alvairo, the handsome Spanish doctor, and Alaina, the wildly beautiful Australian, share a love-hate relationship. He is an adopted son, and she is...

Colored Snow Flakes, Helen Downey

Colored Snow Flakes

Helen Downey

A young girl in the sixties is out of touch with the Vietnam War, she is having those growing pains and struggles with parental rules so she writes....
Camille Claudel, A Novel, Alma Bond

Camille Claudel, A Novel

Alma Bond
Historical Fiction

CAMILLE CLAUDEL, A NOVEL begins with a prologue in which Camille Claudel, an old lady confined to the Asylum for the Insane in Montdevergues, France,...
Reinventing Myself: Memoirs of a Retired Professor, Marlys Marshall Styne

Reinventing Myself: Memoirs of a Retired Professor

Marlys Marshall Styne
Biography / Memoir

This book is not a chronological autobiography, but a book about aging, retirement, teaching, traveling, observing, and writing. It is also a...

Many Faces to Many Places, Judy Azar LeBlanc

Many Faces to Many Places

Judy Azar LeBlanc
Spiritual Fantasy

Happiness, fear, loneliness and love are all parts of a state of being that every person experiences in their lifetime. Many Faces to Many Places is...
Past Imperfect, Present Progressive, Kerry Wood

Past Imperfect, Present Progressive

Kerry Wood
Biography / Memoir

"Past Imperfect, Present Progressive" presents a gallimaufry of reminiscences by a vocal member of the Silent Generation. The hats Wood has worn are...
Death to Fool Boys Incorporated, Kenner Bisch

Death to Fool Boys Incorporated

Kenner Bisch

During the dog eat dog fighting in the heat of battle of war, many things happen that normally would never occur. Extreme incidences happen...

My Land Is Your Land, Debra Fulton White

My Land Is Your Land

Debra Fulton White


Back at the University of Berkeley, the commitment to dedicate his life to missionary work seems far too great of a challenge...
Three Weeks Last Spring, Victoria Howard

Three Weeks Last Spring

Victoria Howard
Romantic Suspense

Computer expert Skye Dunbar finds it almost impossible to put the events of the previous year behind her - that is, until she meets a mysterious...
Skye Dancer, Lila L. Pinord

Skye Dancer

Lila L. Pinord

Jessie Dancer is abducted from her home and held captive by a deranged mountain man when skye and her brothers were only babies. He eventually...

Sea Changes: A Novel, Bill Branley

Sea Changes: A Novel

Bill Branley
General Fiction

A novel about grief, hurricanes, hiking, Pablo Neruda, Ella Fitzgerald, and two Northwest baby boomers who refuse to give up on love. They meet on...
Liquid Kisses, Mocha Sistah

Liquid Kisses

Mocha Sistah

Lyrical ectasy as put forth by the pen of Mocha Sistah captures your mind, body and sensual spirit with lovely poems that excite and crawl through...
The Ride of Our Lives:  Roadside Lessons of an American Family, Mike Leonard

The Ride of Our Lives: Roadside Lessons of an American Family

Mike Leonard
Biography / Memoir

More baby boomers than ever are struggling to cope with watching their senior parents face the physical, emotional and financial difficulties of...

The Rune Primer, Sweyn Plowright

The Rune Primer

Sweyn Plowright

A handbook containing factual information about the known historical sources. It explains what we know about the runes, and how we know it. It also...
Better Days Ahead, Charlie Valentine

Better Days Ahead

Charlie Valentine

It is America in the 1950s. Four different families play out their individual lives in different parts of the country. Sarah Robbins, a nightclub...
The Looming Fog, Rosemary Esehagu

The Looming Fog

Rosemary Esehagu
General Fiction

THE LOOMING FOG is about life in rural Nigeria as seen through the eyes of an abandoned intersexed childa child with both male and female parts. As...

What If?, Gunnar Jensen

What If?

Gunnar Jensen

Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? It is important to understand our role in the universe and the purpose of our lives. We also...
The Magic & the Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey, P. June Diehl

The Magic & the Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey

P. June Diehl

The writers world is both magical, the art of writing-and mundane, the craft. Journey with your guide, Esumera, muse extraordinaire, and her feline...
Battleground Earth, Sherri Fulmer Moorer

Battleground Earth

Sherri Fulmer Moorer
Non-Fiction: Christianity

Battleground Earth Living by Faith in a Pagan World is an inspirational guide to applying faith to everyday issues; for a life of peace and...

No Woman is Allergic to Diamonds, Macabee Dean

No Woman is Allergic to Diamonds

Macabee Dean

One-liners, wisdoms, proverbs, quotable quotes--more than creative writing; they are a form of "creative thinking". They come natural to most persons...
Psycho Psychic, Betsy Gallup

Psycho Psychic

Betsy Gallup

Eva knows all your secrets. She can tell the future, but she can't stop the string of murders following her.

When a minor accident draws...
13 Days, Raven W. Night

13 Days

Raven W. Night

Sometimes revenge is carried out beyond the grave. Two men, John Savior and Colonel Justice, are searching for a serial killer that never leaves...

Behind a Timid Mask, Charles O. Uzoaru, M.D.

Behind a Timid Mask

Charles O. Uzoaru, M.D.
General Fiction

A West African Princess marries an irresponsible Commoner against her parents' wishes and pays a painful price for it. Her ultimate death forces her...
So Mammy Said, Patrick Burke

So Mammy Said

Patrick Burke
Biography / Memoir

A powerful chronicle of a young Irish Catholic boys life in a small village in Southern Ireland detailing the trials he faces and the triumphs he...
Poems to Use When Hiding from the Shadows, Liz DeJesus

Poems to Use When Hiding from the Shadows

Liz DeJesus

With this collection of poetry, not only has Liz DeJesus won me over even more with her writing but she's also reignited my interest and love of...

The Quiet Canadians, Warren Thompson

The Quiet Canadians

Warren Thompson
General Fiction

A fast-paced thrill ride through the Canadian world of covert and clandestine activities, from the point of view of the child, who through a series...
My Everything, Denise Skelton

My Everything

Denise Skelton
Romantic Suspense

Benjamin Harrison, needs a private investigator. He meets adventurous, PI, Deanna Myers and is immediately attracted to her. But, someone will do...
Jimmie, Cut that Jigger Down, Vivcooper

Jimmie, Cut that Jigger Down


The fast gun Sheriff gets fed up with an outlaw gang operating in his territory, so he and his deputy create a human-looking dummy and hang it high...

The Missing Locket (Cynthia's Attic, Book 1), Mary Cunningham

The Missing Locket (Cynthia's Attic, Book 1)

Mary Cunningham
Young Adult

Best friends, Cynthia and Augusta Lee, or Gus as she prefers to be called, are as different as bubble gum and broccoli. They are, however, equal...
Ten Times Guilty, Brenda Hill

Ten Times Guilty

Brenda Hill

Ten Times Guilty is about a single mother's struggle for worth after a vicious attack. It's about a police sergeant seeking redemption for a...
Jacob's Monkey--The Trouble with Lying, Kristi Sayles

Jacob's Monkey--The Trouble with Lying

Kristi Sayles
Children's Picture Book

Jacob liked the attention he got when he told everybody that he had a pet monkey-until his teacher announced a Pet's...

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, Bettye Johnson

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls

Bettye Johnson
Historical Fiction

A spellbinding tale of intrigue, historical information about Mary Magdalene, Jesus, adventure, adversaries, romance and the spiritual message of the...
Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years, Ian Duncan Smith

Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years

Ian Duncan Smith

Tony Bono Blair is a bit confused. He believes he is the famed British Prime Minister of the same name, deposed after winning a third term. Things...
Searching for Middle Ground, Cynthia Wilder Supnet

Searching for Middle Ground

Cynthia Wilder Supnet

Cynthia Supnet, wife for 33 years, mother of 7 children, author of 7 books & founder of two successful companies, blends inspirational, humorous...

Never Ceese, Sue Dent

Never Ceese

Sue Dent
Christian Fiction

A vampire . . . A werewolf . . . Can two who were wronged make it right? Never Ceese is the story of a skeptical vampire forced to team up with a...
A World of Assassins, Neil Davies

A World of Assassins

Neil Davies
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Humans are being murdered on the planet Dirve. No one seems particularly bothered, except the humans of course, but they don't count. As long as the...
Witch, Jennifer M. Wilson


Jennifer M. Wilson
General Fiction

At the time of her death she was one of the most prosperous tavern proprietors in the colonies, and as an independent thinker she was the obvious...

War of Angels: First of Days, Joe McSweeney

War of Angels: First of Days

Joe McSweeney
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Is it his imagination or does there seem to be a clearing of the stale breath blowing from below? Its breeze, somehow, suddenly comes clean without...
Cause for Murder, Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Cause for Murder

Betty Sullivan La Pierre

When its discovered Burke Parker might have been poisoned, the suspicion of guilt falls on his wife, his daughter, and Maduk, the Indian who is his...
The End of Time, Randall Towe

The End of Time

Randall Towe
Science Fiction/Fantasy

The darkness comes because it always does. Now its time has come again. The endless struggle between the forces of light and darkness wage on as one...

Arabian Tales, Cindy Vega

Arabian Tales

Cindy Vega
General Fiction

An exciting story about the young woman who worked as a flight attendant in a country that she barely heard about. Her life and the experience was...
Edges: O Israel, O Palestine, Leora Skolkin-Smith

Edges: O Israel, O Palestine

Leora Skolkin-Smith
General Fiction

The novel is set in the Israel of the early 1960's. Liana's mother and aunt tell lively stories about the 1940's, their young guerilla-like struggles...
Discount Heaven, Christine Hamm

Discount Heaven

Christine Hamm

Discount Heaven: the latest poems by Christine Hamm. This is a dark and amusing collection of fractured fairytales -- where mothers poison...

Tours de Farce, Stephen Tanner

Tours de Farce

Stephen Tanner

In Tours de Farce -- Travel Travesties you'll chuckle through 28 chapters stuffed with the monumental messes, muddles, misunderstandings and...
Sabrina's Destiny, Selena Robins

Sabrina's Destiny

Selena Robins
Contemporary Romance

The right woman. The wrong man. The road to Sabrina's destiny is lined with a mystical force. Will the down-on-her-luck innkeeper follow her dream or...
The Jump, Ian O'Connor

The Jump

Ian O'Connor
Biography / Memoir

The Jump examines the culture of big-time, big-business high school basketball by chronicling the rags-to-riches journey of New York basketball...

Whatever it Takes, Paul Alleyne

Whatever it Takes

Paul Alleyne
General Fiction

At the tender age of four, Traci Adams is kidnapped by a crazed drug dealer. Paralyzed by the fear of retribution, Tracis mother, Mary, makes no...
The League, Mark Barnes

The League

Mark Barnes

It is a game that 15 million people play for fun. But the men in Wall Street's newest league are changing the rules. The game is no longer just...
A Choice of Love, Dean Robbins

A Choice of Love

Dean Robbins

Philip Cellars thought nothing interesting would ever happen to him. When he finds his friend and co-worker murdered in her own home, he begins a...

Harvesting Your Family History, Denyce Porter Peyton

Harvesting Your Family History

Denyce Porter Peyton
Young Adult

This informative book was written for young people of African American descent. It offers brief historical information about the tradition of sharing...
Note to Self, Liz DeJesus

Note to Self

Liz DeJesus
General Fiction

Hilarious and fast-paced, Note to Self deals with universal themes like loneliness, the quest for love, and the meaning of life in a humorous...
More Than They Could Chew, Rob Roberge

More Than They Could Chew

Rob Roberge
General Fiction

Nick Ray lives in a world where everything is for sale. University Ph.D.s, pig fetuses, bomb shelters, and vending-machine-dispensed live bait, to...

Mapping of Marakesh, Paul Tonks

Mapping of Marakesh

Paul Tonks
Science Fiction/Fantasy

'The Ajya-Na-Ku are coming, and should this rock fall the dragons will also turn, and this time the mighty Rydren Empire won't be there to stop...
Surrender, Dawn Rachel Carrington


Dawn Rachel Carrington
Historical Romance

Kira dreams of reclaiming the city the Timaran gods had taken from her at her birth and now, with strength flowing through her veins, shes ready for...
Bump, Diana Wagman


Diana Wagman
General Fiction

BUMP is the story of a trio of motorists and one policeman linked together by a tangled, life-altering web of coincidence in the immediate aftermath...

Spire City, Derek Smith

Spire City

Derek Smith
Science Fiction/Fantasy

The Tecs are millennia-evolved humans who live on tall Spire that dominates the native City surrounding the Spire. The natives are slaves forbidden...
Alien Log, Robert Farrell

Alien Log

Robert Farrell
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Twenty-seven-year-old Wendy Ahearn is a brilliant, world-renowned linguist. Her passion for music is surpassed only by her love of teaching...
M.P., A Novel of Vietnam, John Schembra

M.P., A Novel of Vietnam

John Schembra

JUNE 1967- As Vincent Torelli stepped off the plane at Bien Hoa Air Base, he had a hard time believing he was in Vietnam in the midst of a war....

Riding on a Rainbow, Judi Blaze

Riding on a Rainbow

Judi Blaze
General Fiction

As descendants of Irish Travelers, Maggie and her family are unable to change a way of life that has trailed them like a shadow. Driven by a...
Unseen Forces, Ed Kovacs

Unseen Forces

Ed Kovacs

Maverick archeologist Dr. Sky Wilder has never been able to prove any of his outside-the-box fringe theories...until now. When he breaks what had...
Starlight, Starbright, Barbara Elliott Carpenter

Starlight, Starbright

Barbara Elliott Carpenter
General Fiction

Small town living at its best is portrayed in the pages of Starlight, Starbright. The mysteries of life, love and the pursuits of various characters...

Dream of Power, Dream of Glory, Terry Weide

Dream of Power, Dream of Glory

Terry Weide
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Come and meet a beautiful witch named Cassandra, and a young champion, Eric Leafstone, who are on a quest to save the world. Facing extreme dangers,...
No More Bobs, Cynthia Borris

No More Bobs

Cynthia Borris
Contemporary Romance

Sexy, Complex and Satisfying!

Something is wrong in Pelican Point. No, it's not the seven BOBs on MADISON LAWHON's dating roster or the...
Pelican Watch, Rose Senehi

Pelican Watch

Rose Senehi
Contemporary Romance

Nicky Sullivan can't turn her back on an injured animal, but this time she came to the island to heal herself. On this South Carolina barrier island...

Men Don't Listen, Wayne L. Misner

Men Don't Listen

Wayne L. Misner

The title tells us this is a self-help book. The author has us climb inside of the head of men to decode the secrets they hold onto. Misners goal...
Conscience, Dr. Bifford Debs


Dr. Bifford Debs
Biography / Memoir

Doctor Debs works in numerous concepts and issues while telling stories that demand the attention of conscience. Nowhere has he been more explicit in...
Whispers of the Heart, Laurie Larsen

Whispers of the Heart

Laurie Larsen

For Cassandra Sloan, life smells like roses: her career is both financially successful and intellectually stimulating, and her marriage is built...

On Indian Time, Judi Blaze

On Indian Time

Judi Blaze
General Fiction

Raised by an abusive German Father and Sioux Mother in the windy railroad town of Deadrock, Montana, Martin and his brothers are torn between the...
Adam: The Transformation, Dr. Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Adam: The Transformation

Dr. Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Adams struggle during his shamanistic transformation, his search for his missing adopted father, Esaugetuh, the Master of Breath, plunges him into a...
Blackout, Betty Sullivan LaPierre


Betty Sullivan LaPierre

A bingo hall mystery!! More than a game ensues when Destiny Wilson disappears from the White Oaks Bingo hall. Her father, Jesse seeks the help of...

The Quest: Seeking the New Adam, Norman W. Wilson, PhD.

The Quest: Seeking the New Adam

Norman W. Wilson, PhD.
General Fiction

Even though he was nearly thirty, he still couldn't stop the gnawing in his gut. There had to be an answer, something more, some deep secret that he...
Angels Crest, Leslie Schwartz

Angels Crest

Leslie Schwartz
General Fiction

Living in a small town in the mountains of California, Ethan Denton is a lucky man. Most things have gone his way, and being granted full...
Push Not the River, James Conroyd Martin

Push Not the River

James Conroyd Martin
Historical Fiction

PUSH NOT THE RIVER is based on the diary of Anna Berezowska, a Polish countess who lived through the rise and fall of the Third of May Constitution....

West End Gang, Peter A. MacArthur

West End Gang

Peter A. MacArthur

A sex-spiced romp in pursuit of a diamond through Montreals west...
Unfinished Business, Elizabeth Lucas Taylor

Unfinished Business

Elizabeth Lucas Taylor

After finding her husband with his lover, a distraught Lindsay jumps at the chance for a new life. Five years later, she is teamed up with her...
The Plot, Kathleen LaMarche

The Plot

Kathleen LaMarche


The Butcher of Beverly Hills, Jennifer Colt

The Butcher of Beverly Hills

Jennifer Colt

Meet Kerry and Terry McAfeeidentical twin sisters who have nothing in common, save their red hair and California-girl looks. Kerry's the good girl,...
OK, So Now I Know, Lorri Morgan

OK, So Now I Know

Lorri Morgan
Biography / Memoir

Boom, cracked the thunder, almost immediately after the lightning had turned the sky from ink black to so bright you had to squint. The gale was...
Forever After: A Preplanned Passing Is A Precious Gift, Paul James, Judith Hayes

Forever After: A Preplanned Passing Is A Precious Gift

Paul James, Judith Hayes

Forever After provides an easy-to-read, step-by-step approach that offers you practical knowledge, checklists, and fill-in-the blank forms to...

The Second Highest World War: The Rama Theater, Anoop Chandola

The Second Highest World War: The Rama Theater

Anoop Chandola

An untold dramatic backside story of World War II from a remote Himalayan region of India that changed the course of history....
The One and the Golden Circle, Don Allen Beene

The One and the Golden Circle

Don Allen Beene
Science Fiction/Fantasy

This book takes DNA sequencing one step beyond, into the hidden world of the human psyche. It unlocks a genetic code that unleashes genetic ancestral...
The Mystery of Mind, Peter M.K. Chan

The Mystery of Mind

Peter M.K. Chan
Non-Fiction: Philosophy

The Mystery of Mind is a systematic and critical introduction to the philosophy of mind. At issue is what is known as the mind-body problem. How does...

Romanian For Sale, Bogdan Tiganov

Romanian For Sale

Bogdan Tiganov

Romanian For Sale is a bullet through the heart of society. It explores the contradictions of the modern world and the problems of the...
Rented Rooms: A Collection of Short Fiction, Linda A. Lavid

Rented Rooms: A Collection of Short Fiction

Linda A. Lavid
Short Stories

Fiction is about the what-ifs, about the message and the meta-message, about lifes symbiosis with art. Fiction is also about a writers...
Diary of a Mother: Parenting Stories & Other Stuff, Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Diary of a Mother: Parenting Stories & Other Stuff

Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Biography / Memoir

Cartoon Cathy meets Erma Bombeck in this hilarious collection of short stories that will keep you laughing and crying from cover to cover. Christine...

Sons of Heaven, Terrence Cheng

Sons of Heaven

Terrence Cheng
General Fiction

SONS OF HEAVEN is an epic novel set against the backdrop of one of modern history's most haunting events: the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In June of...
Zaida: Belly Dancing for Older Women, Phoebe K. Carter

Zaida: Belly Dancing for Older Women

Phoebe K. Carter

Older women and Belly Dance--you are never too...
What's Wrong With Dorfman?, John Blumenthal

What's Wrong With Dorfman?

John Blumenthal
General Fiction


Challenge The Wind, Debra Tash

Challenge The Wind

Debra Tash

Matthew Smith seizes Sarah Lloyd and her family as prisoners on a clear autumn day. Leading a party of British deserters, he now holds the family...
An American Redneck in Hong Kong, Michael LaRocca

An American Redneck in Hong Kong

Michael LaRocca


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