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We Love the Free Stuff

We really do enjoy finding great freebies. The internet is full of them. Of course there's a whole lot of junk out there, so sometimes we have to wade through a whole lot of gunk to find the good stuff. From creative writing prompts, to content designed for your website, is taking the guess work out of finding quality freebies.

Creative Writing

Getting Over Writers Block

If you find yourself getting a little caught up in your own personal writers block, visit the Free Creative Writing Prompts page at

Every week we post two brand-new, totally free creative writing prompts. No pop-ups, no sign-ups, no passwords. Just easy to access prompts to help you get back on track.

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Free Content for Your Website or Blog

It's the classic webmaster dilemma. You have people visiting your website, but you don't have the time to add new content as frequently as you'd like. So what can you do to keep your content fresh so that yor visitors will be compelled to come back to your site for a second (and third) visit? offers two self-updating graphs, also known as "sticky content", perfect for all writers websites. From an updating "Writing Prompt" graph to several "Writing Contest Deadline" graphs, our solutions are quick and easy to use.

To learn more, visit our Free Content for Websites and Blogs page now.

Cool Freebies
For Writers

Want More Freebies for Writers

Okay, we've got you hooked, and now you want still more freebies for writers? As good writers, you probably spend most of your time writing, and trying to avoid the time-sucking habit of surfing the internet, right? Okay, maybe not. But, in order to cut down on some of the time you waste online, we've listed some of the coolest things we've found for writers (and sometimes for non-writers) online.

Visit our Cool Freebies for Writers page now.

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