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Getting the word out is never easy, and as a new author, you face incredible competition in trying to get your book noticed. By joining -- one of the fastest-growing websites for writers, and the only site that spotlights the works of new and emerging authors -- you'll get your book the attention it deserves.

From FREE promotional opportunities to value-priced advertising packages, has a package that will work for your budget. Keep reading to learn more about how you can join our growing website.


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Online advertising with is incredibly affordable and our packages range from $25 to $75. Our Featured Author packages generate as many as 50,000 viewer impressions for each advertiser.

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My First Book

"Publishing My First Book" at

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This new section at is quickly becoming a reader favorite. Traditionallly published authors share their experiences in getting their first book published with readers in the Publishing My First Book section. These mini-interviews appear in our weekly Writing Sparks newsletter.

Please note, this section is only for tradtionally published authors. Self-published authors, keep reading to learn more about how you can promote your book at

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the Author

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Self-published authors, fear not, we have a section for you as well. Our Meet the Author page is open to all authors, whether they are self-published, or have gone the traditional publishing route. This section features first-person essays from the author's point of view. These narrative pieces are also promopted in our weekly Writing Sparks newsletter.

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On a very limited basis, we conduct interviews with traditionally published authors (although our time is always tight, so you may wish to look into one of our other promotional options first), and post them in our Author Interviews section.

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Our Recommended Reads page reviews titles written ONLY by new and emerging authors. Furthermore, we only make reader recommendations and never post negative reviews.

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We know we don't pay a lot for articles, but if you're looking for a byline, or a place to promote your title, this may be the outlet for you. We are currently looking for:

: Book Reviews
: Author Interviews
: Advice for Authors and Writers

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