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Anne Arsenault Profile

About Anne Arsenault

Anne Arsenault Anne Arsenault grew up in Vancouver in a health-oriented family, soon developing an interest in alternative health. She studied through Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and Packard School of Nutrition. She has worked in the health field for fifteen years now, consulting with people about their diet, supplements and their whole lifestyle. She writes health articles and teaches healthy living workshops.


From the Pen of Anne Arsenault

Real Solutions to Children's Health, Anne Arsenault Real Solutions to Children's Health
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Real Solutions to Children's Health

Real Solutions to Children's Health, is designed for busy parents who want health for their children. My book goes into healthier eating, drinking, supplements and more for our children. It gives ideas on how to get water, fruits and vegetables into your child. It also goes through childhood . . .

Meet the Author

Anne Arsenault
Learning to Get Over Your Fears

I had never dreamed of being an author, although I had always loved English class in high school. After I became a CNC, Certified Nutritional Consultant, I saw the need for people to become educated in order to get healthy. I started writing a “Healthy Living Tips” column for the work newsletter...

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