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Promote Your Book at OnceWritten.comGak! In 2005 the United States produced nearly 175,000 new titles. Even if the most intrepid of book consumers were able to read three books a day, they would only be able to read about one percent of all the titles published that year. And let's face it, most of our consumers aren't that reading-prolific.

So the question is just HOW do you promote your book? Getting the word out is not easy, and as a new author you face incredible competition in getting your book noticed. From listings at, to online advertising, to book signings, phew, what should you do next? Every week, posts a quick tip to help you in promoting your book.

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Online advertising at is incredibly affordable, with rates ranging from $25 to $75. Our featured author promotion, which can generate as many as 50,000 page impressions, includes a listing in the popular Writing Sparks newsletter. Learn how to Advertise Your Book at now.

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Think About Your Own Book-Buying Habits

April 24, 2008

Before plunging too deep into your marketing campaign, be sure to take a hard look at your own book buying habits. When is the last time you bought a book by an unknown author? What motivated you to. . .

Think About Your Own Book-Buying Habits

Online Book Reviews

March 12, 2008

Its no secret that a favorable book review can help get your book noticed. The problem is that book reviews arent cheap to obtain. If you expect a 10% return on your investment, that means you have. . .

Online Book Reviews

Contact Amazon.coms Top 10 Reviewers

February 21, 2008

People pay attention to reviews posted on The savvy user can even tell the difference between a real review and the one submitted by your mom. If you want to get notice for your book on. . .

Contact Amazon.coms Top 10 Reviewers

More Promotional Opportunities

More Promotional Opportunities at

You have a limited budget (it already cost all you had just to get your book published) so you're wondering if there are any low-budget (and by that you mean free) ways to get the word out.

One of the easiest ways to promote your book, is to join the family. From our free promotional opportunities to our advertising packages, will help your book get noticed.

To learn more about all of the promotional opportunities available at, visit our Join page now.

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