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Book Review

Hello, It's Me, Wendy Markham

Hello, It's Me

Wendy Markham
Forever, 2005
Contemporary Romance

Reviewer: M.E. Wood
Posted: October 1, 2007

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Annie Harlowe and her two children, Milo and Trixie have just survived one of the most difficult years of their lives. Their first year without Andre, adoring husband and father. It's been tough both emotionally and financially. Annie barely makes a living baking cookies, making seashell paper weights and working occasionally as a fill-in waitress for her friend Merlin's posh catering business in Long Island.

Annie desperately tries to hold on to her past with Andre while everyone in her life is ready for her to move on. Even her dead husband is trying to send his blessings from beyond but Annie is stubborn… and loyal. She made a promise to Andre to never love anyone else and she plans on keeping it, even it makes her unhappy for the rest of her life.

In walks Thom (with an "h") Brannock IV, a man totally unlike her husband and totally out of her league. Thom, who is a rich and highly successful businessman with baggage and obligations of his own, doesn't expect his interest in Annie to go beyond casual sex appeal. With each passing moment he is more and more surprised by his growing attachment to her and her children. He makes it his mission in life to win Annie's love.

With help from beyond Annie and Thom discover they have more in common than they think. And that there is room in the human heart for more than one love.

This is an easy read filled with mild humor, a touch of sensuality and a wee bit of the paranormal activity. Annie's constant self-loathing ("a lousy mother") doesn't make her a very likeable character but you root for the children (and Thom). At times, Annie and Thom's internal dialog sounds too much alike but it's bearable. The occasional '-ly' word like "smilingly" tends to throw off the flow. And as far as I'm concerned it could have ended at page 368 but an Epilogue was added to wrap everything up in a little bow. "Hello, It's Me" is a quick read and may be helpful to others who've reached the one year mark of their grief process after losing someone and are thinking about moving on but may be harboring some guilt over it.

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About M.E. Wood

M. E. Wood lives in Eastern Ontario, Canada with her husband and their menagerie of animals. She has been in love with the internet for ten years, almost as long as she's been married. If you can't find her anywhere she's probably at her computer. Her writing, like her reading tastes, is eclectic. She writes articles, poetry, greeting card quips and has even been known to tinker with one of her larger works-in-progress. For more information visit

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Hello, It's Me, Wendy Markham
Forever, 2005

Review © M.E. Wood, 2007

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