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Colored Snow Flakes

Colored Snow Flakes, Helen Downey

Helen Downey


Helen Downey
Outskirts Press, May 2006
Genre: Poetry

A young girl in the sixties is out of touch with the Vietnam War, she is having those growing pains and struggles with parental rules so she writes. Through her poetry we get a glimpse of what it was like to be afraid of the unknown entities of war then while coping with life and death situations. She also gives you an unfolding picture of a young girl trying to deal with life, falling in love, and leaving home to face more facets of life around her. Her poetry continues to unfold before you while her life blossoms from a young girl to a mature woman. Through her work you will be able to relate at any age the struggles of a young person to understand life and to find love.



As a teenager I was but a child lost in a world not of my own making but struggling to learn the rules and to obey the rules I felt had been placed upon me. Those rules made by others, real or imaginary it mattered not for I found deep within myself the strength, the will, and the desire to be me. Thus, I shook the cold embers within myself to redeem and try to be the soul I am. I learned, "The one inside, so cold and un-woken is ME. She was an individual that needed to emerge from her cocoon to love and to be loved". The essence of me was just to be…one who makes me happy and accepting of that person, knowing that the past can not define me nor could it be changed, but the future was still a book to be written. It was the now and the tomorrows to come that I could and would influence and change. It was only up to me to shape my life and to discover the delights that exist in this existence.

The roads of the world ahead may be filled with bumps and twists as well as pains and sorrows. I may become bruised and shattered, but I can not become defeated unless I stop trying, stop believing in myself nor who I am. No one else has the right to define me, or label me unless I allow them too. As I have grown I could feel my strength and determination to be me and only grow stronger. It was only now that the time had come to let the world know who I really am.

Within this collection of old poetic droppings and new inspirations I hope to instill a picture of a struggling young woman trying to cope with her inner emotions of not only the growing pains within herself from child to teenager, from struggling with parental rules…as she tried to understand those she lived with and the world around her…the wars of the world as well as the wars from within her, then from teenage inner torments to the ever changing struggles of being an adult.

Here are groups of thoughts that have span over three and a half decades that may reach others to let them know that they are not alone in thought or emotional distraught, that another had been through those murky waters. To not give up, but to emerge from those murky waters and realize that no one is ever alone…there is a hand waiting to hold theirs through the foliaged lands known as Our World.

Because the internal pressures inside would not settle I first discovered the ability to write when I was about thirteen years old. I had been at times a shy kid, a child without a voice, playing the part of a good girl, of trying to be prefect, and to be what those around me wanted me to be, or what I thought they wanted me to be. For during the day, I appeared like any other little girl, maybe quieter then most, but still a child. It had been only in the seclusion of my room, my private world away from others that I learned to weave the words of my pain. Only after the shattered glass of what I thought what was my real world fell on to my bedroom floor like a fish bowel splattering not only glass and water but the flapping fish. It was then that I began to pick up the shard pieces of life and painfully put them back together. Now I had the pieces to help me understand what had been while I was asleep in the fog.

Life isn’t easy for some; it is not only a simple candle that someday burns out but an exciting journey of discovery. It is not a discovery of life it’s self but a discovery of yourself as well. In the rear view mirror of life just read, enjoy and hopefully one will benefit from this work.

Fog Removal

The pain always crushing against temporal walls,
Years wasted on remedies.
Time lost in a dark closet
Tears can not relieve the pressure.

A hardy oak grows in the front yard
No one notices how it spreads its limbs
Gathering strength from the energy from above
No one observes how alone it is.

Attempting to ease the throbbing
Forward and up
Travels begin
Remembering has begun.

The removal of the worm nest
New sprouting of buds
The mighty oak reaches further up,
Leaves, larger and whole

Cob webs now brushed away
The pain has gone
A rusted old door opened
The fog has drifted

Helen Downey

Helen Downey Bio

Helen DowneyA writer for well over 35 years, H.C.Downey has poured her soul into poetry, short stories, children’s books, and novels. She grew up in a small but busy city outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is here where she inhaled every aspect of her surroundings then spun them into magical words from the heart.

She has a degree in nursing as well as writing. Currently she is working as a registered nurse at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout the 12 years that her children went to school, she was active in tutoring at the Memorial Elementary School as well as Willets, and Brunswick High School. She also was active in the library scene, making sure not only her children but other children were involved in reading. She has been a member of Friends of The Hinckley Library, Hinckley Art Society, and is a member of Poetry Society of America. Many of her poems have been published in magazines as well as on the internet.

Currently she is working on two children’s books about her favorite subjects, animals and children. “Marcella’s Wish” is sure to win over the hearts of children as well as adults and to be published late 2006. Presently she is been working on her long over due novel, “The Chameleons”. This is only but a mere fraction of the work she has written and produced.

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Colored Snow Flakes, Helen Downey
Outskirts Press, May 2006

The preceding excerpt was taken from the book Colored Snow Flakes with complete approval by the author Helen Downey and/or the publisher Outskirts Press. This information may not be re-used or redistributed in any manner.

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