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Sea Changes: A Novel

Sea Changes: A Novel, Bill Branley

Bill Branley


Bill Branley
One Sock Press, June 2006
Genre: General Fiction

A novel about grief, hurricanes, hiking, Pablo Neruda, Ella Fitzgerald, and two Northwest baby boomers who refuse to give up on love. They meet on the Seattle ferry. Peggy is passionate about the environment; Raoul is a lawyer who defends industrial polluters. The chemistry is irresistable.

SEA CHANGES was named a Beach Read Selection by ForeWord Magazine.



Peggy Heggy boarded the morning ferry to Seattle just before 5:20 and walked along the corridor to her favorite seat. She preferred the left side of the vessel because it gave her a dramatic view of the city as the ferry made its turn out of the harbor. On this day Seattle was shrouded in mist; the buildings looked dark and ghostly. In her mind there was at least one ghost, that of her late husband, Taylor. She couldn’t look anywhere without seeing him.

She hadn’t planned to take such an early ferry to work every day. Then again, she hadn’t planned to take a ferry at all. It never occurred to her that Taylor would die suddenly at age fifty-nine, leaving her a widow at fifty-seven after thirty years of marriage. Within a span of six hours on a Tuesday evening he went from eating dinner to collapsing from a stroke to being whisked to the emergency room to quietly departing without ever saying good-bye. A year later she gave away many of their possessions, sold the house in Seattle and rented a small house in a nearby island community, a lively place, with gallery events and shows and concerts going on all the time. She figured she could start a new life there. But she also found that she woke up early, some times at four or four-thirty in the morning, and had no desire to linger in the empty bed wishing Taylor were with her.

Bill Branley

Bill Branley Bio

Bill BranleyBill Branley is a writer and jazz musician who grew up in New Orleans and now lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two children. His short stories include “J,” published in Obliquity, a speculative fiction anthology, and “Shopping At Maison Blanche,” published in SOUTHERN REVIVAL—Deep Magic for Hurricane Relief. He is currently writing the fiction blog Night Watch, about a woman in labor.

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Copyright Information

Sea Changes: A Novel, Bill Branley
One Sock Press, June 2006

The preceding excerpt was taken from the book Sea Changes: A Novel with complete approval by the author Bill Branley and/or the publisher One Sock Press. This information may not be re-used or redistributed in any manner.

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