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Three Weeks Last Spring

Three Weeks Last Spring, Victoria Howard

Victoria Howard


Victoria Howard
Publish America, August 2006
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Computer expert Skye Dunbar finds it almost impossible to put the events of the previous year behind her - that is, until she meets a mysterious marine biologist named Jedediah Walker. But Walker has problems of his own. First, he’s been called into investigate the incidence of dead fish washing up on the islands beaches and second, he’s completely forgotten he’s agreed to let the cabin on his land…to Skye Dunbar, who doesn’t realise that he is her landlord. Skye doesn’t like Walker from the moment she lays eyes on him. He feels the same. But that’s about to change.

When Walker subsequently discovers that the fish contain a high concentration of toxic chemicals, he immediately suspects they are being illegally dumped at the sea. And later, when someone hacks into his computer, he realises it is no coincidence. Suddenly the investigation has become more personal. Suspicious that Skye is somehow involved, Walker resolves to find more about her.

Distrustful of men in general, and Walker in particular, Skye does her utmost to ensure she stays out of his way. But Walker has an uncanny knack of turning up when least expected. A storm hits the islands, taking out the power; it\'s just the excuse Walker needs to visit Skye. When she opens the door, sleepy-eyed and dressed only in a long T-shirt, Walker realises that he is strongly attracted to his sexy auburn-haired tenant.


Three Weeks Last Spring Reviews

Three Weeks Last Spring Book Review
Reviewed by Gina Kaysen Fernandes

Skye Dunbar desperately needs a vacation. The highly ambitious computer programmer is hoping the seclusion of an island in the Pacific Northwest will help bring closure to a painful breakup. The...



The Persian Gulf June 1997

My Darling Skye,

I just got off the phone from speaking to you. You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice after all these months at sea. Your e-mail arrived a few moments ago - it was so beautiful, filled with all the things I need to know right now. No one could understand our story. We are closer than any two people who have never physically been together could be. No one could understand the feelings we have for each other. I want you so much, Skye…Our hearts reach out to each other. We have so much love locked inside ready to share. There are so many words I want to whisper in your ear. How I long to make your heart sing! You have given my life purpose and I promise you that as soon as this deployment is over we will be together. Dream of me tonight for I am there with you. Our love transcends the miles, and the obstacles. We have power greater than all those things. In our hearts we are together this minute.

My love, now and always,


Chapter One

England April 1999

Dressed casually in peach shirt and beige skirt, Skye Dunbar stood by the window, looking out across the meadow, as she waited for the transatlantic phone call to connect. It had been a miserable weekend - dull, wet and cold, cold as the heart that beat inside her breast. Once again she looked at her watch 4.30pm - 8.30 am in San Francisco. Debbie should be up by now, Skye thought as she listened to the phone ringing out at the other end. Finally, a sleepy American voice answered.


"Debbie? It's Skye. Did I wake you?" She hoped that Debbie wouldn't notice the tremor in her voice.

"Not really, I was lying here thinking about getting up. Talk to me… you sound anxious."

Skye took a deep breath, and spoke the words she had been rehearsing for the last hour, "I have decided to take a month's sabbatical. I've spoken to John and he's agreed, as business is quiet at present. I've been in contact with American Airlines and have an option on a flight, leaving in just over a week's time. They're holding it for the next twenty-four hours," she finished in a rush.

"Why, that's great. You need to get away and you know San Francisco loves you." "Actually, Debbie, that's why I’m calling. I'm not flying to San Francisco. I'm going to Seattle and…."

"Skye, you can't possibly want to spend a month there, not after all that happened last year. Please tell me you're not going to…."

"No, Debbie," Skye interrupted. "I can assure you, I'm not going near the naval base while I’m there. I can't explain why… I just feel that I can't go forward until I go back there. Do you understand?" She asked, twisting a piece of her hair between her fingers while waiting for Debbie's response.

"Quite frankly, no, I don't, and if you want my advice, you’ll come here straight away and stay with me. Skye, after all that lying bastard put you through, I’m amazed that you can even contemplate being within a 1,000 mile radius of Washington State. Please, come here and stay with me. We can visit all our old haunts - Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown. We can go for a drink in the John Barleycorn and listen to that folk singer you liked so much. And if that doesn’t appeal, then we could hire a car and drive along the coast. You haven't seen the Marin Headlands or Monterey yet. And if you don't like that idea, why don't you wait until I get to the office on Monday and I'll beg for some vacation time? Or perhaps we could meet somewhere else? How about Vermont…?"

"That's a lovely thought, Debbie, and I do want to see Vermont… but in the Fall. Please, save your holiday time. This is just something I have to do. I can't explain it, Debbie. I just feel I’m being pulled back there. I go to bed at night and in my dreams I see this figure on a beach, and I know it's me. It sounds crazy, even to me, so I really don't expect you to understand. Just bear with me, give me your blessing and tell me that if I need you, you’ll be there for me, OK?"

"Well…. I guess you know what is in your heart, although I really do worry about you, Skye. You have to put what happened behind you and move on. So, tell me, just where are you going?"

"I've rented a cabin in the San Juans."

"Skye! You've done what?" The voice on the other end of the phone sounded exasperated…. "You can't possibly want to go to the San Juans. No-one goes there in the middle of April. It’s too cold for one thing and Friday Harbor will be deserted. What will you do there for a whole month on your own?"

"Well, I thought I would catch up on some reading, enjoy the scenery, and you know me. I don't mind my own company…" Skye tailed off lamely.

"Hmm, I don't know. If you ask me, the last thing you need is to be by yourself. However, now that you've made your mind up I don't suppose there's much I can say to dissuade you. OK, I'll give you my blessing on the understanding, that if you become too upset or lonely up there, you’ll get on the first available plane to me, here in San Francisco. Deal?"

"Deal. And, Debbie," Skye hesitated before continuing, "thanks. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for. As soon as I finalise my plans I'll let you know. Thank you for understanding and for being there for me."

Skye replaced the receiver and turned once more to look out of the window. Slowly she pondered Debbie's words. Was she being stupid wanting to go back to the Pacific Northwest? What would it achieve? Would it even put her mind at rest? These were questions she couldn't answer, and yet in her heart she knew she had to go back.

Victoria Howard

Victoria Howard Bio

Victoria HowardBorn in Liverpool, Victoria Howard currently lives in South Yorkshire with her partner Stephen, and Border collie, Lucy. As a child she fell in love with the countryside and grew up to manage an offshore company in the Scottish Highlands. Widely travelled, her hobbies also include writing, gardening and designing knitwear, which she fits in around her job with the National Health Service…although she readily admits she would rather be writing or in her garden!

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Three Weeks Last Spring, Victoria Howard
Publish America, August 2006

The preceding excerpt was taken from the book Three Weeks Last Spring with complete approval by the author Victoria Howard and/or the publisher Publish America. This information may not be re-used or redistributed in any manner.

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