West Hollywood
Book Fair

OnceWritten.com at the 2007 West Hollywood Book Fair

OnceWritten.com at the West Hollywood Book FairAs always, we had a great time at the 2007 West Hollywood Book Fair. For the first time, we brought one of those spinn-y wheel of fortune thingees, and although we had hundreds of prizes with us, they had all pretty much disappeared by early afternoon. (A thousand apologies to Ruston, who looks like the headless Carney in this picture.)

This year we also gave out nearly 300 orange and purple OnceWritten.com Book Bags stuffed full of materials from our sponsors. They were a huge hit, and even though we had more bags than last year, we still didn't bring enough to meet all the demand. It was especially cool when a couple people stopped by our booth carrying their bags from last year. In total, we probably had nearly 500 visitors to our booth, and more fun, we had the great pleasure of meeting about 20 OnceWritten.com subscribers.

Megan Crane visits the OnceWritten.com Booth at the West Hollywood Book FairFor me, one of the day's highlights was getting to meet one of my favorite authors, the wonderful Ms. Megan Crane.

Also, an extra-big smooch goes out to author Sam Moffie who flew out from Ohio! to spend the day in our booth signing autographs and answering questions from the general public.

And a huge kudos goes to our art designer, Charles Gregory, who is talented, wonderful and who really helped simpilfy the process of designing our magazines. If you're looking for some help with cover designs or other graphic design needs, check his website at: www.persuasioncreative.com.

And finally, a big thanks to all our sponsors, partners and friends, listed below, without whom we wouldn't have been able to make this program happen.

A Big
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Our Sponsors

Bards & Sages Publishing Bards & Sages Publishing
At Bards and Sages, we hope to free the inner bard in both our readers and fellow writers. Besides our offerings of speculative literature and RPG materials, we provide resources and support to those interested in the written word. From our annual writing contest to our online library to book reviews and articles, we hope you find our site to be a valuable resource.

Catchers in the Sky, Jonathan Damien Catchers in the Sky
Jonathan Damien
Genre: Military Thriller

A revolutionary airborne weapons system barely off the drawing board. A diverse and divided crew from the Air Force Research Lab. As a reunification treaty with North Korea breaks down and the peninsula slides toward war, the untested men and women of the Airborne Laser (Experimental) must try to hold the line at a modern Thermopylae.

Paraworld Zero, Matthew Peterson Paraworlds Zero
Matthew Peterson
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy / Science Fiction

Simon Kent is just an ordinary teenager trying to cope with the loss of his parents and the bullies at the local high school . . . or so he thinks. After meeting an outspoken girl named Tonya, he is swept into a futuristic world filled with dragonlike creatures and good-natured giants; however, he soon finds that this new world is quite unlike the other millions of worlds that coexist in the same location of space and time but in different dimensions: It is void of the magical properties required for inter-dimensional travel.

While fighting mystical creatures, unraveling an ancient history, and even experiencing his first kiss, Simon discovers that he, an outsider from Earth, is the only one who can save the high-tech planet from an impending doom. And in the process, he also discovers true friendship, his unique destiny, and, ultimately, a way home.

Our Partners

77 Urban Street, Annie Grant
77 Urban Street

Annie Grant
Against a Crimson Sky, James Conroyd Martin
Against a Crimson Sky

James Conroyd Martin
As I Tarry Along Life's Road, Jerusalmi Streete
As I Tarry Along Life's Road

Jerusalmi Streete
The Chronicle of Zenobia, Judith Weingarten
The Chronicle of Zenobia

Judith Weingarten
Defeated, S.D. McKee

S.D. McKee
The Ezekiel Code, Gary Val Tenuta
The Ezekiel Code

Gary Val Tenuta

Of Doggerel and the Dean, Patrick O'Donnell
Of Doggerel and the Dean

Patrick O'Donnell
One is Fun, Leona DeRosa Bodie
One is Fun

Leona DeRosa Bodie
Partially Human, Dwayne G. Anderson
Partially Human

Dwayne G. Anderson
Romeo and Juliet, A Modern Day Sequel, James Edwards
Romeo and Juliet, A Modern Day Sequel

James Edwards
Swap, Sam Moffie

Sam Moffie
Tales of Tara, Lily Sparkletoon
Tales of Tara

Lily Sparkletoon

Tinna's Promise, Miranda Mayer
Tinna's Promise

Miranda Mayer

Our Friends

Alma Bond, Camille Claudel

D.L. Carroll, West Coast Lady

Hachette Book Group USA

A.D. Powell, “Passing” For Who You Really Are

J.M. Snyder, author of gay erotic & romance fiction

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